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CBD Capsules For Sale

Related Categories

Shop capsules by strength: 10mg Capsules | 25mg Capsules | 30mg Capsules | 50mg Capsules | 75mg Capsules | 100mg Capsules

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On our website you will find several different brands and varieties of CBD capsules and softgels. All of our capsules for sale are made by Vermont companies such as Bordertown Farm, Mansfield Provisions, and Upstate Elevator Supply Company, just to name a few. Capsules are a great way to ingest CBD the same way you intake vitamins through a daily multi-vitamin pill. They offer ease of use and sustained relief over time.

Buy CBD Capsules Produced in Vermont

CBD pills or capsules are one of the easiest and most effective ways to get your daily dose of hemp. Just like you would a daily vitamin, you can take a capsule or two every morning to let the cannabidiol naturally build up in your body over time. This is seen as one of the most effective ways to receive the benefits of CBD.

Find The Perfect Capsule Dose For You

Often used by those who are new to CBD or cannabis in general, CBD capsules come in all different sizes and doses. It’s important to know how your body will react to this particular cannabinoid before you start taking a ton of it. So, start small! We have a wide range of CBD capsules for sale online here at Vermont Hempicurean. You can find capsules with as little as 10mg CBD each, or as potent as 30mg each. For more on dosing, check out our capsules dosing guide.

Shopping for CBDA-Infused capsules or capsules with CBD + CBG? We’ve got you covered!

The world of CBD capsules has been evolving, and new formulations with other cannabinoids like CBG, CBN, and CBDA are starting to appear on the market. Here at Vermont Hempicurean, we have all of the newest CBD capasule products like organic full spectrum raw CBDA + CBD capsules from Usptate Elevator or 20mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract softgels from Sunsoil.

This is why some folks are shopping for CBG capsules

Sometimes, you take CBD for so long that your body gets used to it, and the relief you used to experience suddenly dulls. At this point, you can choose to take a higher strength CBD capsule, or you can try giving your endocannabinoid system a break from CBD in favor of a different cannabinoid like CBG.
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CBD Capsules

Frequently Asked Questions

What are CBD capsules?

CBD capsules are capsules infused with CBD oil or some other form of ingestible CBD. They are usually made from vegan capsules such as those made from vegetable cellulose and they typically contain full spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate powder.

How will CBD capsules make me feel?

Ingesting CBD in pill or capsule form is no different than dropping a CBD tincture on your tongue in terms of how it will make you feel. The main difference, though, is the consistency. Yes, droppers often come with labels so you can measure each drop of CBD, but taking the same capsule that was produced in the same conditions gives you that added piece of mind while reducing the possibility of human error.

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