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Our Mission

Vermont Hempicurean is dedicated to supporting hemp farmers and the products they produce. Our goal is to enlighten and engage people in the potential of hemp solutions for ourselves, and our shared planet. In doing so, we hope to facilitate a new market that allows rural farmers to prosper, and our communities to reap the benefits of hemp. Although our primary focus is on regional farms, we support all hemp producers. We have curated a collection of high quality items from CBD to fiber to food and hope you find the perfect product for your needs, and maybe find something new in the process. Keeping it “Simply Hemp”.

FIBER Hemp Fiber in World History

Hemp fiber kept our ancestors clothed and warm. It was used for sailcloth and roping for the ships that explored the world. Hemp fiber has been used for flags, uniforms, money, mattress stuffing, and paper documents. The fiber can also be mixed with lime to create the building blocks called hempcrete. Check out what Vermont Hempicurean has to offer made with hemp fiber.

FOOD Delicious and Nutritious Hemp Based Sustenance

The seeds offer high quality protein, B Vitamins, dietary minerals, and fiber. They can be pressed into an oil used in cooking, hulled for a crunchy, tasty, snack used in granola or salads, ground into a hemp “nut” butter, pulverized into a vegan, dairy and soy free, protein powder, or turned into hemp milk. The leaves can be eaten raw in a salad or blended into smoothies for a bright, fresh, green, addition to your typical morning smoothie.

A Curated Spectrum of Hemp Products

We have gathered what we believe are some of the best hemp based products available, supporting local farmers and producers whenever we can. Check out all we have to offer and let us know what your favorites are. We are always interested in testimonials from our customers.


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