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Willie's Remedy

Willie’s Remedy is a recognizable name in the hemp-infused product space, and for good reason. Willie Nelson, a well-known musician and highly-regarded cannabis activist, created his line of hemp-derived CBD products to offer people herbal remedies. Willie’s Remedy has much to offer. From balancing coffees to get your day off to a smooth-sailing start to relaxing tea blends created from top-shelf ingredients, Willie’s Remedy welcomes both the hemp connoisseur and newcomer alike.

Willie’s Remedy CBD Coffee

Willie’s Remedy Coffee combines the famed, traditional blend of the best coffee beans and the power of hemp cannabinoids. Every blend is created with responsibly sourced coffee beans from places like Colombia and Nicaragua where coffee is grown to support the economics of the small communities.

Each coffee is then roasted to perfection and infused with hemp oil derived from farm-grown hemp sourced from smaller domestic farms. The end result is a collection of flavorful, Fair-Trade certified coffees that offer the harmony of CBD and caffeine.

Willie’s Remedy CBD-Infused Tea

More than just a basic tea, Willie’s Remedy teas are a hand-selected collaboration of herbs, tea leaves, and of course, full-spectrum hemp extract. Each impressive collection of ingredients is measured and bundled into a small, pyramid-shaped tea bag, which supports the quality of the brew and helps deliver all those delectable flavors in-tact.

The teas found in Willie’s Remedy collection come from numerous locations around the planet, such as Sri Lanka, home to some of the most sought-after tea leaves. Each 1oz. tea tin has 200mg of cannabinoids in it. Willie’s Remedy currently offers Chamomile, Peppermint, and a Breakfast Blend.

Infused with High-Quality, U.S. Grown Hemp 

Each product that makes its way into Willie’s Remedy is carefully curated using the highest-quality ingredients, down to the full-spectrum hemp oil sourced from domestic farmers.

Full-spectrum hemp delivers the full collection of cannabinoids like CBD (cannabidiol) and CBG (cannabigerol), but you also get those wonderful flavonoids and terpenes that plants from the cannabis family are known to boast. We’re proud to offer Willie’s Remedy CBD-infused beverages right here at Vermont Hempicurean.

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