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What are hemp seeds? CBD seeds? Is there a difference?

Hemp Seeds For Sale at Vermont Hempicurean

We currently do not have any regular non-feminized hemp seeds, we only have feminized hemp seeds for sale on our website.

Feminized Hemp Seeds:

Currently, the only seeds we sell are feminized. Feminized seeds are seeds that only produce female plants. Female hemp plants are those that produce the actual flowers/buds that are rich in CBD and other cannabinoids. Male hemp plants are not used for smoking or in the process of making other CBD-infused products. The feminizing process is about 95% effective so while there is still a slight chance of producing a male hemp plant with feminized seeds, it’s only about a 5% chance as compared to 33-50% chance of sprouting a male with regular seeds.

Regular (Non-Feminized) Hemp Seeds:

We do not currently sell any regular hemp seeds. When a male plant pollinates a female plant, the female flowers/buds will grow seeds inside. Roughly 66% of regular seeds will be female. This means that when you buy regular hemp seeds, there is a 33% chance that you will end up with a male hemp plant. Since most growers aim to produce buds and not more seeds, this is not always ideal.

Male plants can pollinate female plants, turning them into seedy hermaphrodites and reducing quality of flower

Keep in mind that if you are growing regular seeds, you will likely want to rip out or move male plants away from your flowering female plants. If you grow out regular seeds long enough, the male plants will create pollen which will spread onto the female plants and, in turn, pollinate them, thus creating seeds within your buds.

If you only want to produce high quality hemp flower or buds, then you should terminate all of the males before pollen is produced, or at least move the male plants to an area that is well-separated from your female plants (like a different room or a different field)

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