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Hawaiian Haze Strain

What is Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower?

As a popular option for daytime use, the Hawaiian Haze strain is a CBD-dominant hemp strain known for its high-quality sativa effects, fruity scent and fast-acting results. With hints of tropical flowers, pineapples, peaches, and lavender, this strain’s taste makes it almost as popular as its effects. Hawaiian Haze combines a mellow indica haze strain with the energy-producing Hawaiian to give users a relaxed state of mind coupled with enough energy to get through the day.

The Hawaiian Haze strain is known for producing tall plants with bright green narrow buds, and a solid trichome covering. We source our products from the best farmers in the country, so you can be sure that our buds are grown with care.

Hawaiian Haze Effects

The effects of Hawaiian Haze set in rather quickly. Most customers report feeling happy, relaxed, energetic, and lifted with use. This strain is also known to induce more social and talkative behaviors in users, making it ideal for recreational users or those who suffer from social anxiety.

Does Hawaiian Haze get you high?

The Hawaiian Haze Hemp Flower’s THC levels are so low that they are almost undetectable, meaning you won’t experience the euphoric “high” often associated with THC products. The immediate effects are said to melt away anxiety and put users in a comfortable mindset. Many people find they become more social and eager to talk and interact with others.

What is Hawaiian Haze made of?

The strain is a cross between an indica ‘Haze’ strain and the sativa ‘Hawaiian’ strain; which produces bright green, dense buds and an impressive aromatic flavor.

Indica vs. Sativa

While this strain is a hybrid of both indica and sativa, it is known more for its Sativa-dominant effects on the body.

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