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75mg CBD capsules for sale.

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75mg CBD Capsules

75mg CBD capsules for sale.

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What are CBD capsules?

CBD capsules are CBD extract-containing tablets. The majority of the CBD capsules we sell are hand-filled.

Why choose 75mg capsules over other concentrations?

75mg capsules are on the rarer side for CBD pills as most products fall under 25mg, 5mg & 100mg. 75mg is a perfect balance for experienced CBD consumers that are looking for something stronger than 50mg, but don’t require 100mg per capsule.

What are the ingredients of 75mg capsules?

The majority of the CBD capsules we sell are hand-filled with full-spectrum CBD oil.

How to dose 75mg CBD capules?

How you choose (or use) our 75mg capsules is highly relevant to your experience with CBD. Starting with one capsule in the morning or at night is always a good idea (depending on your reasons for taking). After a few uses, you’ll be able to determine the ideal dose yourself.

For more on dosing, here’s a blog we put together detailing how many CBD capsules to take.

Benefits of 75mg CBD capsules?

As stated above, 75mg capsules are the wonderful for experienced user looking for an exact CBD dosage. For example, one of these 75mg capsules equals three (3) 25mg capsules. This mg count is perfect for optimal dosing for those who are particular about their intake.

75mg CBD Capsules For Sale at Vermont Hempicurean

Our CBD capsules are sourced from the finest Vermont farmers and producers. Try one of our Vermont CBD producers today!


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