Upstate Elevator Organic Full Spectrum Raw CBDA+CBD Capsules (100mg) – 2 Pack Sample


Upstate’s 100mg Raw CBDA + CBD capsules are the most powerful certified organic full spectrum CBD capsules on the market. Their  highly strong blend mixes 1 part “Raw” CBDA extract (unheated and unfiltered) with 2 parts “Classic” cold extracted and fully activated CBD oil.

They are able to provide a highly comprehensive and complete hemp supplement by carefully combining the acidic and decarboxylated versions of the CBD molecule.


What this product does

Two powerful hemp plant extracts operate in unison to balance the endocannabinoid system and are extremely potent, precise, and clean.

What you receive

CBD is the cannabis compound you’re familiar with.
CBDA—A CBD precursor present in the plant’s fresh blossom that is less well-known and more “raw.” CBDA has been demonstrated to be more bioavailable than CBD, which means that it is absorbed more quickly by the body.

Who benefits from this product?

Our 100mg capsules are ideal for folks who have ongoing issues or who find themselves reaching for CBD multiple times throughout the day.

Additional information

Weight 0.1 oz

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