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We’ve Got Vermont Hemp Flower For Sale

Interested in buying CBD flower? We stock a variety of different strains from different Vermont-based hemp growers and producers. On our site, you can buy as little as an eighth (3.5g) or as much as one half ounce (14g) of flower.

What you need to know about hemp & CBD flower

Hemp flowers are the buds of a cannabis plant that is high in CBD & low in THC. Also referred to as cbd bud, cbd flower & hemp buds.

Hemp flower looks just like regular marijuana or “pot” however, CBD & hemp flower will contain lower than the legal threshold of allowed THC (.3%)

Is CBD Bud Legal in Vermont?

It is completely legal to possess, buy, sell, and consume CBD in Vermont. The CBD, however, must have less than 0.3% THC.

Can you buy hemp flower from anywhere in the country?

Yes! All of the products sold in our online store are by reputable brands that strictly follow all state and federal guidelines. Our partnered brands also hold themselves to the highest organic farming and third-party testing standards.

We Also Have Hemp Seeds That Are High in CBD

Interested in growing your own hemp? Maybe you want to grow a small crop of female hemp plants to produce your own value-added products. If you’re wondering how to buy hemp seeds or where to buy CBD seeds, look no further.

The best hemp seeds available are for sale on our website!

We have the best hemp seeds for planting high CBD plants. You can purchase regular or feminized hemp seeds right here on our website!

Hemp Flower

Frequently Asked Questions

Legality of hemp flower

If you are buying isolated or pure CBD that was extracted from hemp plants with less than .3% THC, your flower is federally legal.
However, if you are buying CBD or hemp flower that contains more than .3% THC, it is federally illegal.

Side effects of hemp flower

Hemp flower can contain many different active cannabinoids. The two most popular and prevalent are CBD (cannabidiol), and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). Smoking hemp flower can leave you with a dry mouth & red eyes.

Smoking cannabis with high percentages of THC can result in slowed responses, a general feeling of being high and possibly even a feeling of memory loss. You can also experience issues with coordination and increased heart rate. You will not find this type of flower for sale on our website.

Age limit

When it comes to selling CBD to minors, it’s another gray area. We will not sell CBD to anyone under the age of 21. Oftentimes when stores are selling CBD products on their shelves, there is no age restriction.

How to cure hemp flower

Ideally, you want to cure your beds in temparatures ranging from 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit. It usually takes about a week of hang drying before the flowers are dry to the touch and safe to put in jars.
Do not put your buds into jars if they’re still wet, that’s how you get mold. After they are dry, you will cure in air tight containers for about 1 month, burping the jars for about 1 hour per day.

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