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White CBG Flower

There are more choices than ever when it comes to finding your ideal hemp strain. White CBG is a popular strain for many reasons, including its attractive white-frosted buds and its smooth and subtle flavor profile.

What is White CBG?

White CBG is a premium industrial hemp strain specially bred for high levels of CBG paired with non-detectable levels of THC. The varieties available for sale on our site typically clock in at around 18% CBG and 19% total cannabinoids, but it will differ from brand to brand. White CBG’s slow cured, seedless flowers are beautifully shaped with frosty white tips that give this bud its name.

Is White an indica or a sativa?

White CBG is a sativa strain, which makes it a great choice for both daytime activities and relaxing at night. This strain is associated with a sense of calm, clarity and focus without any grogginess or sleepiness.

Primary Terpenes

All hemp buds contain a blend of terpenes that are unique to each strain. The most plentiful terpenes in White CBG:

  • Myrcene
  • Limonene
  • Caryophelline
  • Guaiol
  • Bisabolol

Aroma and Taste

This hemp bud’s myrcene and limonene content give it sweet and subtle earthy taste, with pleasant citrusy notes.

Benefits of White CBG

Devotees of White CBG report positive effects that include:

  • anti-inflammatory effects.
  • pain relief
  • anti-nausea
  • relaxation

Why Choose White CBG?

White CBG is a versatile hemp bud choice with a sweet and pleasant earthy aroma and flavor. Its high CBD content and non-detectable THC levels make it a great choice for pain relief and relaxation without the risk of unwanted intoxication. This is a great strain to enjoy on its own. It also pairs well with other buds for those who wish to create their own custom mix.

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