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Willie’s Remedy 20pk Hemp Smokes


A Refreshing Twist to Your Smoking Routine

Welcome to a greener way to smoke with Willie’s Remedy’s hemp smokes. These aren’t just any smokes – they’re a healthier, eco-conscious choice for those looking to switch things up. Grown with love, our hemp smokes feature a biodegradable filter, embodying our commitment to the planet.

Light up to coast along, with a little more song in your heart. Made from organically grown full-spectrum hemp from independent farmers, and biodegradable filters, our smokes offer a greener way to smoke. Plus, the familiar 20-pack cigarette format makes the transition from traditional cigarettes much easier than Willie had it back in the day.

In line with Willie Nelson’s “no B.S. policy,” our smokes are free from added flavors and chemicals. It’s just the true flavor of Willie’s favorite plant. The Hawaiian Haze strain, known for its uplifting effect and aromatic richness, is slow cured to offer a smooth, satisfying taste. The result is light, breezy and kissed with a hint of tropical sweetness—a lot like how you’ll feel after you smoke it. 

Ingredients: Organically grown hemp

Why Hawaiian Haze? Well, we think it’s the perfect match for its uplifting yet soothing vibe. Light, breezy, and kissed with a hint of tropical sweetness, it’s ideal for chilling out or enjoying good company.

Weight 1.0 oz