The Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower

Strains of cannabis that we know as “hemp” contain larger amounts of cannabidiol (CBD) and less tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). CBD and THC provide different benefits; the main benefit of THC is its psychoactive effects. Researchers are still working to understand the health benefits of CBD, but many people enjoy it for its relaxing effect. Some also say it helps them with a variety of ailments. In this post, we specifically explore the benefits of smoking CBD or hemp flower.

What Are The Benefits of Smoking Hemp Flower?

Smoking hemp flower is still relatively new, but it is quickly gaining popularity. Below, we’ve gathered a list of our top 10 favorite benefits of smoking hemp flower below.

Smoking hemp flower yields quicker results than tinctures or edibles

Smoking hemp flower is the fastest way to get the benefits of CBD. When you swallow CBD through food, gummies, or other means, the CBD has to first pass through your gut and liver before it enters the bloodstream and endocannabinoid system (ECS). Smoking hemp flower allows the CBD to pass directly into your bloodstream.

Hemp flower has a great flavor and aroma

A great strain of high CBD hemp flower can taste just as delicious and smell just as ripe as other types of cannabis more known for their psychoactive effects – the only difference is that smoking hemp flower won’t get you high. This makes hemp flower the ideal choice for those who enjoy the aroma and flavor of smoking without the high.

Some hemp flower strains taste and smell fruity, while others have hints of pine or earthier notes. Each strain can also impart slightly different effects thanks to different levels of cannabinoids and terpenes.

Smoking offers a pleasant ritual that some may have become accustomed to

There is nothing quite as wonderful as the process of smoking hemp flower. The thoughtful procedure of selecting the perfect strain for the moment, choosing just the right flower, the enticing aroma of the bud as you break it up, rolling it into a joint or stuffing into a bowl or bong, and taking those first tokes is quite possibly the best part of the day.

Not to mention, smoking hemp flower is much healthier than smoking cigarettes, so some choose to use CBD joints as a replacement to help them quit smoking altogether.

Hemp flower strains offers versatility and variety

Hemp flower is perfect for use in bowls, bongs, joints, and vaporizers (vapes). There are also many different hemp flower strains to choose from, and each has its own flavor, aroma, and effects. Lifter Strain has resonant notes of spiced earth and citrus, for example, while Hawaiian Haze combines tropical fruit, sour diesel and waves of warm citrus.

sour space candy hemp flower
sour space candy hemp flower

Sour Space Candy offers floral notes of lemon hints of tropical fruit, and deep purple nodes; these flowers look and smell amazing. If sustainability is an important factor in your consumer habits, you may prefer hand-trimmed and certified-organic strains, such as Special Sauce and Suver Haze.

If you are like many people who love smoking hemp buds, you will probably prefer to have several strains on hand to fit whatever needs you may have at the moment. You may find that you prefer smoking a bowl of one strain in the morning, for example, but opt for a vape pen with another strain in the evening.

No munchies after smoking hemp flower

The THC in cannabis causes hunger, also known as “the munchies.” In many cases, the munchies lead to overeating junk food, which can be bad for your health and your waistline. THC stimulates the production of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates hunger for fatty foods. Tetrahydrocannabinol also puts the brain’s appetite control centers into overdrive, which can cause you to overeat all day. Hemp flowers do not contain high doses of THC, so consuming hemp buds does not cause the munchies.

Mixing hemp flower with other herbs is a plus

Have you ever tried mixing your CBD flower with your other herbs? Hemp flower is 100% compatible, so you can mix the two to achieve different effects. You can add hemp flower to help stretch your stash, for example, or mix the two to mellow out the high you get from THC. Mixing the two will not change the flavor of your hemp flower, nor will it affect how it burns. You can also try adding lavender or other herbs to your hemp flower to achieve different flavors and effects.

Hemp flower is always welcomed in smoking circles

Cigarette smoking is often a social activity – workers often take smoke breaks together, for example, and friends often get together to get high. In fact, about one-quarter of people who smoke tobacco are “social smokers” who generally light up only when they are around others who are smoking.

Those who do not smoke tobacco can feel left out. Hemp flower provide you an opportunity to take a smoke break with your friends and co-workers without smoking tobacco.

Smoking hemp flower is a good alternative to high-THC cannabis

Smoking high-THC cannabis strains that you might find at your local dispensary is growing in popularity and acceptance, driven largely by legalization in many states across the country. Peer pressure to get high will probably grow too, particularly among young adults but also among older adults.

hawaiian haze pre-rolls from Sunset Lake
Hawaiian haze pre-rolls from Sunset Lake

Catching a buzz is not always an option, though, particularly for busy parents, college students, and workers that may get drug tested. Blazing some hemp flower makes a great alternative to high-THC strains in these situations.

Hemp flower is a good alternative to smoking cigarettes

Smoking cigarettes causes serious health hazards, such as COPD and lung cancer. As bad as smoking tobacco is, though, the habit can be tough to kick. Nicotine withdrawal can cause uncomfortable symptoms, such as intense craving for nicotine and a strong desire to smoke, irritability, frustration, anxiety, mood swings, and difficulty concentrating. These symptoms can be overwhelming; even the strongest person might pick up a cigarette just to make the withdrawal symptoms go away.

Some people can quit “cold turkey,” while others prefer to wean themselves from tobacco by cutting back a little every day. Smoking hemp buds can make it easier to quit cigarettes by satisfying the desire to smoke. Hemp flowers do not contain nicotine, which means hemp is non-addicting.

Hemp flower is easy to find

Now sold in brick-and-mortar buildings and online, hemp is increasingly easy to find. You can even buy seeds and grow your own! All you need is water, soil, and a light source. For more information on the benefits of smoking hemp flower, consult with your local hemp dealer. You might even learn more reasons to enjoy this delicious, delightful natural treat.

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