Everything to Know About CBD Capsules


Since CBD is found to be very useful for many people for a variety of issues. For this reason, there are many different ways to take CBD. One of which is by consuming CBD in a capsule or pill form. While oils or tinctures may be the most common form of CBD you may have encountered, capsules are quickly gaining popularity, and for good reason.

Whether or not CBD pills or capsules work, and if they’re as effective as oils & tinctures are two primary concerns people have when considering which form of consumption is right for them. The simple, good news is that both methods of consuming CBD are effective. They only differ slightly in how quickly you may feel the impacts. Let’s take a look at the differences and benefits of CBD pills vs oil, and you can decide for yourself what would be best for your life.

What are CBD capsules?

First off, CBD capsules are gel caps filled with CBD oil. They are sometimes referred to as pills, but you won’t find solid CBD pills like you might a multivitamin, only liquid or gel-filled capsules. If you already take something like vitamin D or fish oil, then think of those capsules – a liquid center, covered in a clear casing. They’re discreet, easy to use, and extremely convenient!

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How will CBD capsules make me feel?

The main difference in how CBD capsules feel vs CBD oil is how long it may take to notice the effects. When taken sublingually (letting it sit underneath your tongue), you can feel the effects of CBD oil within 15 minutes. CBD capsules, however, need to be absorbed through the stomach which can take longer – up to an hour. This means that CBD oil may have a more noticeable effect as compared to capsules. This is why we recommend capsules as longer-term solutions rather than something that can be used quickly or in a pinch.

Do CBD capsules actually work?

CBD capsules are really not all that different from CBD oil, only the method of consumption is different. The bottom line is that they’re not fundamentally different at all. The only difference is the delivery system, as capsules are far more convenient. The main concern is if they are as effective and the answer is “yes”. They’re just as effective as any other CBD delivery system.

How do CBD capsules work?

CBD itself interfaces with our endocannabinoid system, communicating with our body through the same pathways our body uses to heal itself. CBD capsules work differently within the body than CBD oil, as the body absorbs the CBD differently depending on how it is consumed. When using a CBD oil, the recommendation is to allow the oil to sit underneath the tongue for up to 30 seconds. This allows for what is known as sublingual absorption – when the body absorbs the CBD directly into the bloodstream through your gums and cheeks. When consuming CBD capsules, sublingual absorption does not take place – instead the capsules need to be dissolved into your stomach before the CBD enters your bloodstream through the intestines. This process can take longer than sublingual absorption, which is why you may feel the effects of CBD oil more quickly than CBD capsules.

How to properly take CBD capsules

The main concern with each of these options, however, is the time it takes to create and administer them. Measuring out oil with each dose can be tricky, or at the very least frustrating. Likewise, with using the oil in food preparation, you still need to do some work to ensure proper dosage.

How do you take CBD pills? Just like any other medication or supplement in pill form; a bit of water and a quick swallow and you’re done. Capsules might not work as quickly as directly ingesting oil, but their efficiency is wonderful. Capsules in general take about 20-30 minutes to dissolve, so you can expect the results in roughly the same time, but it could take up to an hour or longer.

If your stomach is sensitive, you might want to time your CBD intake with food. Breakfast is a great time to take them, especially if you use CBD for pain. For people who deal with insomnia, taking them an hour before bed might be best. It ultimately depends on why you’re taking CBD capsules, but you can typically expect a 30-minute wait at least before they start to work.

Why should I consider taking CBD capsules?

If you already use CBD oil, CBD capsules are simply a measured, potentially more convenient option. If you’re considering CBD for the first time, capsules are a great way to familiar and see how CBD might affect you. They’re discreet, effective, and there’s no guess or prep work to worry about.

When you’re buying CBD in general, look for quality, locally sourced ingredients. You care enough about your health to use CBD, so it stands to reason you should opt for the best possible growing and processing standards available. Check out our complete collection of CBD capsules today.

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