CBD for pets

Maybe your best friend is especially stressed by a necessary car ride or being left alone. Perhaps, your older dog is not eating well due to an illness. You may be wondering, “Can I give my dog CBD?” Here is a look at the answer, some helpful tips about CBD for dogs, and more.

Can I give my dog CBD?

CBD can be given to dogs and may offer some benefits for different conditions or situations. However, it is always a good idea to discuss intended CBD use with your dog’s vet to get the go-ahead. While CBD is considered generally safe, some dogs may have health conditions or be on medication that may not be a good mix with CBD. We carry a range of pet CBD products to look into after discussing with your vet,

What are the benefits of CBD for dogs

Currently, no definitive research has been conducted to determine how CBD could benefit canines. However, there are ample anecdotal reports from dog owners who claim CBD helps their pooch with a list of issues. As an adage, canines do have an endocannabinoid system much like humans, and they have a large number of receptors like several other mammals.

CBD for pets

According to a veterinarian interviewed by the American Kennel Club, CBD may help a dog with things like anxiety and distress, pain, or potentially nausea. CBD has a number of properties that could offer these benefits, such as its ability to act as an anti-inflammatory and potentially stimulate the appetite. However, right now, the specifics of how CBD could benefit dogs have not been laid out in scientific studies.

How can I find the best CBD oil for my dog?

You can find a ton of products marketed specifically for dogs that contain CBD. While there is a lot to choose from, not every product is created equally. The best CBD oil or other products for dogs will offer:

  • Organic ingredients
  • Natural flavor additives only
  • Easily measurable and dosable forms
  • Certifiable analysis by a third-party lab for quality
  • Zero-THC formulations

For example, these Bacon Flavored Pet CBD Oil Drops are made with organic ingredients, natural flavoring, and easy to measure and dispense. Plus, they do not contain THC and come from a reputable company.

What CBD can I give my dog?

sunset cbd dog treat

While CBD oil may be the top choice among pet owners, you can get CBD in other forms as well. For example, CBD dog treats are a quick and easy way to give your dog a dose of CBD if they are not so fond of oils.

Can I use CBD balm on my dog?

CBD balms or other topical products specifically formulated for dogs may be an option for targeted relief. Just be sure to opt for a good quality product that is made for canines.

How much CBD should I give my dog?

Currently, there are no guidelines for how much CBD a dog should be given. The best plan of action is to start with an especially low dose, see how your dog responds, and then adjust by a milligram or two if you are not seeing any results. Some manufacturers do offer dosage guidelines to help you along. For example, Healthy Pet CBD Oil says to offer one milligram of CBD per 10 pounds of pet weight.

Can my dog overdose on CBD?

Just like humans, you could essentially give your dog too much CBD. However, if you are offering conservative doses following a manufacturer’s recommendations, your dog should be fine. Normally, side effects of CBD may involve fatigue, diarrhea, or excessive thirst. With a higher-than-usual dose, these side effects may be exacerbated.

Find High-Quality and Trustworthy CBD for Your Best Friend

While there is still a lot we don’t know about CBD for dogs, many dog owners swear by the cannabinoid for a range of ailments. If you are looking for trusted dog CBD products, be sure to check out our collection at Vermont Hempicurean.

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