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CBD Edibles For Sale from Vermont Businesses

CBD Gummies, Maple Hard Candy, Lollipops, Honey, Chocolate, and more!

CBD Hard Candy & Caramel

Looking for a sweet treat infused with CBD? Our CBD hard candies are a great option as they naturally release the CBD into your system at a slower rate than a gummy or CBD infused beverage might. Not to mention that caramel and pure Vermont maple syrup taste amazing!

CBD Chocolate Bars and Treats

Want to add a tinge of additional relaxation to your chocolate? You deserve to treat yourself, so how about a CBD Chocolate Heart from Vermont based company Rabble-Rouser? Bigger fan of dark chocolate? Try these 90mg Dark Chocolate CBD Bars from Nutty Stephs. Maybe you like your chocolate with some caramel. Then these Caramellow Goat Milk Chocolate Caramels are perfect for you!

CBD Infused Vermont Honey

What could be better that natural, raw, organic & local Vermont honey? How about if that honey were infused with full spectrum, locally grown hemp extract which is rich in CBD and other beneficial cannabis compounds? At Vermont Hempicurean, you’ll find hemp honey for sale from a variety of local manufacturers like Luce Farm Wellness and Mettawee Valley Hemp.

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