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Erin Nohl

The Healer

Erin has always been drawn to plants, and enjoys creating remedies with them.
She studied Wellness and Alternative Medicine and teaches yoga.

Growing up in Vermont provided a standard for a way of living: food comes from the garden, playing outside everyday is mandatory, and family is everything. In fact, the support from family & friends is quintessential to Vermont Farmacy’s success.

Erin first started working with hemp and CBD over five years ago, and found her passion.
While managing a CBD shop in Santa Fe, where she was also the sole medicine maker, consulted with patients and witnessed their transformation with the help of CBD.

“There were patients suffering from ailments, such arthritis, seizures, cancer, and mental instability, who all gravitated towards CBD solutions.  The hemp plant was making a difference in their lives.  Helping others to feel better gives a sense of purpose, and makes it all worth while.”

Colin Nohl

Lover of the Outdoors

Colin’s love for the outdoors was instilled at a young age.  His father, was the photographer for New Mexico Magazine.  Colin spent many of his summers and weekends riding around the “Land of Enchantment,” chasing landscapes, diverse cultures, and storied rituals.  After graduating university in Flagstaff, AZ with a degree in business, he managed several award-winning restaurants & breweries.  Although he found this work entertaining, the fast-paced, late night lifestyle wasn’t what he desired long-term.  Colin went on to pursue a design certification in Permaculture and founded a successful landscape design and rain-water catchment company in the Southwest. Now in Vermont, he is able to utilize his business experience to help manage & expand their family business; and is able to keep his hands in the dirt growing hemp and medicinal herbs for their products.

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