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300mg Activated Vermont Grown CBN and 300mg CBD infused in 100% American Cold Pressed Hempseed Oil. We recommend taking 1- 3 dropper full (1ML) at night under the tongue, or as needed. The taste is nutty and grassy.

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2oz, 300mg CBN, 300mg CBD

What is CBN oil?

CBN oil is a hemp extract that mainly features a cannabinoid called cannabinol.

Where can I buy CBN oil?

It’s hard to come by CBN oil, as CBN does not naturally exist in large concentrations amongst regular hemp plants and cannabis strains. However, Vermont Farmacy created this amazing combination of CBN + CBD oil which is available for sale here on our website.

Using CBN Oil for Sleep

CBN oil is touted anecdotally as an effective sleep aid. The only real evidence that currently supports this is anecdotal, but there is one study that was completed back in 1975 which looked at the effects of combining CBN and THC. They found that CBN complements the effects of THC when used synergistically. This tells us that CBN likely does not just work on it’s own. Just like all other full spectrum products, the entourage effect plays a key role in cannabis products that aim to assist with sleep.

The winning combination of CBN and CBD

CBN (cannabinol) is similar to CBD in that it is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with potential therapeutics benefits. What’s more interesting about CBN, however, is where it’s found. Typically, the largest concentrations of CBN are found in older cannabis nugs that have been stored for a while. This is because as THC degrades, it converts into CBN. It’s the case with most cannabis plants that as they mature and age, trichomes become more amber in color and increasingly resin-filled, which leads to differences in how they make us feel after being consumed. Considering the fact that the longer your cannabis plants age and mature, the more sedating the effects appear to be, it makes sense that CBN may assist with getting a solid shut-eye session.

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