Northeast Kingdom Hemp Farm Tour

Driving through the Northeast Kingdom on our way to Barton, VT to visit Northeast Kingdom Hemp Farm we passed the scenic Lake Willoughby.

A few miles past the lake we came upon the hemp farm and rolled up to see the expansive mountain vista they get to wake up to every day.

The Devereux family, Cam, Karen, Camden, and Joel make hemp farming a family affair. Karen says “The family that grows together, stays together”. This was our second visit to Northeast Kingdom Hemp and we saw lots more plants and a few different strains from our previous visit. Their fields are very well groomed and the plants looked (and smelled) great.

The newest edition was their processing facility in one of their outbuildings. We were very impressed with the professional lab they have set up to process and test all their own hemp, as well as provide services for other local hemp farmers. Camden has spearheaded this project and gave us a tour. He has done an excellent job of educating himself and setting up systems, with help from a professional mentor. We love the plum color emanating from some of their plants.

This is where they derive the CBD that goes into their myriad of products including maple, berry, and natural oils, bath bombs, soaps, lotions, and balms. Check them out in our store or online.

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