#Hempicureanchronicles – Our Experiment With a Public Typing Station

We had a dilemma on our hands. When we opened our store we brought in hemp paper, hoping people would see it as an alternative to what they were using. Unfortunately there did not seem to be much interest in it. What were we to do with these reams of hemp paper? We thought, why not give people the opportunity to go old school and use a typewriter with hemp paper?

What a great idea it was!

Over the last year we have collected volumes of writings, some poignant, some humorous, some emotional, and yes, some crude, rude, and inflammatory. The important thing is that it got people engaged. Whether out of nostalgia’s sake, a love of writing, or just never having seen or used a typewriter before, it has attracted tons of attention. We now plan on sharing some of what we have collected. This will be an ongoing blog so keep checking back. We like to call it the Hempicurean Chronicles. #hempicureanchronicles
We have left the typos in whenever possible as we feel it adds to the context.

One day at the typewriter…

“Sophia and Ari and Karajully are moving to Chicago! We all live in the woods at a circus camp. Sometimes we go out into the field and daydream about life after this summer bliss. We are young and have nowhere to go next. Figuring out life one chapter at a time”

“You are art. Smile. Ejoy. haha, Sorry. Enjoy the life.:) atte, jena 20=9 (girls from Mexico)

“Live Love Laugh. Lifeis short somakete bestof it. sow it on the mountain, reap it in the valley, you,re gonna reap just what you sow”

“As much as I am my brother’s keeper, he is mine. But what if I bristle at the keeper?”

“work blend coffee – now with newand very important flayverrrrs. Don’t to love yourselfforget not.”

“THIS JUST IN; dog in the wind may not be “real” “animal”, 2008 study finds.”

“Bad bizcuits make the baker broke, bro.”

“What’s more important – productivity or creativity?”

“im spending my birthday alone, butim not lonely. at the end of the day, be happy with yourself, by yourself.”

“hello thi fom d future im gaay don,t hate”

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