#Hempicurean Chronicles – #2

More random typing from our customers and local citizens from their visit to our public typing station. We are always amazed at what we read and we hope you enjoy these random passages as well.

“we did not ask for this r oom, or this music

we were invited in , though the dark surrounds us

let us turn our faces to the light, let us endure

haerdships to be grateful for plen ty, we have been

given pain to be astounded by joy, we have been given

life to deny death, we did not ask for this room

or this music, but because we are here, let us dance

oh how we dance, i love you jordan, free here to eternity”

“we find coffee to be the truest form of truth

we find loveto be the deepest form of depth

wefind art to be the closest form of connection


we find

we find.”

“Forbidden fruits make the tastiest jams”

“The oxen are slow, but the earth is patient. Be like the Earth…”

“The keys jump and pile like puppies, like rockfall like frog eggs

They sticktogether like bricks like rice like braided grass

They mate and spurt words

Like a mind at easeTap tapping thoughts

like an old jazz tune stuck togethee r like an old jazz tune”

“call your mother!”



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