CBD can add a unique twist to some conventional foods. Before you start, be aware that CBD is heat sensitive and starts to deteriorate at about 320 degrees. This doesn’t mean you can’t cook with it, you just have to be creative and selective in how and where you use it.

By purchasing CBD in coconut or another oil, it makes it very easy to add to familiar recipes. Try adding some to homemade or purchased chocolate sauce, in a no bake peanut butter and oatmeal cookie, toss with granola just as it comes out of the oven, mix with pesto, use as an ingredient in salad dressing, or part of a compound butter that slowly melts on top of a grilled steak or chicken breast. Now you get the idea.

Use it sparingly and always alert your guests to its presence. You may want to leave some without, for those who choose not to partake, and children, but the adventurous culinarians in your life will love your creativity.

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