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Delicious CBD infused  mints with just enough sweet and a mellow mint flavor. Soft enough to chew or savor for a while. Each mint provides 25mg of CBD.

Ingredients – Organic powdered cane sugar, VT honey, coconut oil, peppermint essential oil, CBD hemp extract.

Keep Away From Children


3.0 oz (20 mints) 25mg per mint

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Weight 4.0 oz

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Christina Montanye
Delicious Minty Calm

These are the perfect minty treat when you need a little something sweet and calming, other than chocolate. They melt easily and are very soft. They are not overly sweet either. They usually dissolve within a few minutes, but you can chew if you like but better to savor and let the CBD seep into your mouth, and then I am relaxed after a long day at work or stressful event. If you love mint chocolate chip ice cream this is on par with the delicious mint. I love a tin of these in my nightstand.

These mints from Magic Mann have been very popular since we brought them in. We are very happy to hear that they are helping you get through your hectic day.

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