CBD Topicals For Sale Sunsoil (Formerly Green Mountain CBD)

Sunsoil CBD Coconut Oil 600mg


Premium, naturally extracted CBD in organic coconut oil. This product has just two ingredients: organic hemp and unflavored organic coconut oil. This extremely versatile product can be consumed orally (as-is), used in recipes or applied topically. It’s also great for pets.

Comes with a 1 ml measuring spoon so you can know exactly how much CBD you’re getting. 1 ml of this CBD oil is equivalent to one of our capsules. 30 ml of CBD oil. 20mg of CBD per milliliter.  Each jar contains 600mg of CBD.

Our CBD oil becomes solid as it drops below 74 degrees F. It is normal and expected to see change in color and viscosity of the oil as temperature changes. When cold, the oil can solidify and you may see light spots form where the oil is solid. When warm, the oil is a darker liquid.

  • Full spectrum CBD
  • Made from organically grown hemp
  • Contains only two ingredients: full spectrum CBD extract and organic coconut oil
  • Extracted with coconut oil for enhanced bioavailability
  • Triple third-party lab tested at ISO-accredited labs
  • Great for pets
  • Can be used in recipes
Weight 2.7 oz

Pain Relief