Hawaiian Haze Kief | Eighth (3.5g) – Sunset Lake CBD


Kief, from the Arabic word Kayf meaning ‘pleasure’ describes the trichome crystals of the cannabis plant after they have been sifted from the flowers. Our Kief is defined by high CBD levels (22-30%) while maintaining legally compliant THC levels. A perfect choice for cannabis enthusiasts and those looking for high CBD smokable product.

Hawaiian Haze® – Bred by Oregon CBD, was the first of our crop we planted into our beautiful Lake Champlain basin loamy soil. The cultivar (cultivated variety) is an indica and sativa hybrid and is a genetic cross between Hawaiian and Haze varieties. These impressive plants bloom large buds that produce a beautiful earthy and floral scent with just a hint of tropical fruit.


3.5 gram 22.48% CBD

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Weight 1.9 oz

3.5 grams

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