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One of the rarest flower strains on the market, we acquired these seeds from Oregon CBD during their one-time “Exclusive Funk” seed release. Sour Special Sauce’s purple buds and orange hairs clock in at a respectable 16.6% total CBD. The aroma of this flower is fiercely distinct from other strains, and its earthy tones harken back to the rich New England soil that nourished this plant. By using our special slow curing process, we’ve ensured that you too can enjoy its unique flavor. This flower smokes smooth and sets in behind the eyes.

What makes Sour Special Sauce different than special Sauce? Sour Special Sauce is bred to maximize the terpenes (these are the natural chemicals that we perceive as aromas) limonene and beta caryophellene. These terpenes give the bud a very unique aroma while preserving the high CBD content that made us fall in love with the original special sauce

Aroma: A mix between passionfruit and good soil

Cannabinoids: Total CBD: 16.6% Total CBG: 0.50%

Genetics: Oregon CBD – Special Sauce x GG#4 Limited release.


1/2 oz 16.6% CBD

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Weight 7.9 oz

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