White CBG Pre-Roll (13.3% CBG) – Method Organics


A relatively newly studied cannabinoid called CBG or cannabigerol is featured in this pre-roll.

USDA Organic, Kosher Certified, High-CBG Hemp Flower Rolled in an All-Natural Rice Paper. Sun-grown in the beautiful fields of Middlebury, Vermont.
Every harvest is hang-dried, slow-cured, and hand-trimmed to ensure a smooth and enjoyable hit with every puff.

Vermont-Grown, USDA Organic, Kosher Certified Hemp Flower / All-Natural Rice Rolling Papers

Directions for Use
This product is intended for inhalation. Spark the hemp pre-roll with a butane lighter or a hemp wick for cleaner consumption. Once lit, puff on the pre-roll and inhale the smooth, tasty, hemp smoke. Either smoke until it is down to the filter or put it out and save it for another time.


Whit CBG 13.3% CBG

Additional information

Weight 0.6 oz

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