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Hunger Mountain Cinnamon Flavored Full Spectrum CBD Oil contains 600mg of CBD in a 15mL bottle, or about 40mg of CBD per 1mL of cinnamon flavored CBD-infused tincture.

Made from Vermont hemp grown in unadulterated soil without pesticides or chemicals, this cinnamon hemp oil is a true full spectrum tincture. Hunger Mountain CBD Oil uses whole hemp plants to make their cinnamon CBD oil so that their product contains the full spectrum of naturally occurring cannabinoids and terpenes that exist in these plants. This full spectrum tincture has a concentration of approximately 40mg of CBD per milliliter of oil, making it a potent little bottle. Learn more.

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Organic, Cinnamon CBD Oil from Hunger Mountain

This 600mg full spectrum CBD oil is mixed with MCT oil (orginially derived from Coconuts) and lightly flavored with Cinnamon bark essential oil for superb results. This cinnamon cbd oil is made with hemp grown and processed on a Vermont farm using organic methods, extracted using Supercritical CO2. They add the cinnamon bark oil is for its flavor as well as some extra health benefits. View more Vermont CBD oil products.

Experience the Benefits of Cinnamon Bark and MCT Oil

Cinnamon bark oil has been found to decrease inflammation, fight infection, stimulate the immune system, stimulate libido, and even has a high antioxidant content. The carrier oil, MCT, is made from fats derived from coconut oil. MCT is often added to smoothies for a boost of healthy fats, and makes a great carrier for cannabinoids such as CBD. Cannabis compounds are fat soluble, which means that in order for your body to absorb the CBD as efficiently as possible, you need to consume them alongside a fatty substance.

How Do I Use Cinnamon CBD Oil?

To consume, drop your preferred dose of cinnamon flavored cbd oil into your mouth and hold under the tongue for 30 seconds before swallowing. Store in a cool, dark place like your pantry or bathroom cabinet, and shake well before each use. Contact us with questions!
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