Full Spectrum CBG Oil (7:1 CBG:CBD) – Elmore Mountain Therapeutics

$120.00 or $120.00 $108.00 / month

Experience the entourage effect a bit differently with this tincture that predominantly features CBG (Cannabigerol).While this is indeed a full spectrum hemp extract containing the same amount of THC as our CBD tincture, the difference here lies in the concentration of CBG.

Cannabigerol is one of more than 120 identified cannabinoid compounds found in the hemp plant. It is important to note that CBG is the precursor for CBD and THC. This is a Full Spectrum tincture.

At a 7:1 ratio, this tincture contains 1500mg of CBG and 210mg of CBD.

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30ml 1500mg CBG 210mg CBD

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