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Full spectrum CBG oil from Elmore Mountain Therapeutics contains 1500mg CBG while also containing trace amounts of CBD and THC (less than 0.3%) Cannabigerol is one of more than 120 identified cannabinoid compounds found in the hemp plant. It is important to note that CBG is the precursor for CBD and THC. This is a Full Spectrum tincture.

At a 7:1 ratio, this tincture contains 1500mg of CBG and 210mg of CBD.

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30ml | 1500mg CBG | 210mg CBD

What Is CBG Oil?

CBG oil is a hemp plant extract that mainly features a cannabinoid known as cannabigerol (CBG). It is similar to CBD oil but the main difference being the cannabinoid content is mostly CBG. Most CBG oils utilize a carrier oil like MCT oil, hemp seed oil, or olive oil. This carrier oil gets its name because it literally soaks up the cannabinoids and carries them into your body. The high saturated fat content of these oils allows our bodies to properly absorbs cannabinoids like CBG along with other beneficial compounds found in full spectrum extracts such as terpenes.

What is CBG?

CBG is a powerful, non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s produced by cannabis plants. CBGa is the acid form of CBG which is also known as the building block cannabinoid. All other cannabinoids including CBD, THC, CBN, and more start out as CBGa before converting to another cannabinoid.

CBG Oil Uses

People use CBG oil when they are looking to improve their focus, boost energy and increase their level of awareness without feeling jittery and nervous. It’s a choice for many individuals who prefer to avoid stimulants, such as caffeinated beverages like coffee, tea and soda. CBG oil is also said to support healthy skin as well as the digestive system.

Where Does CBG Oil Come From?

Cannabis breeders cross-breed hemp strains to promote the growth of plants that yield higher levels of CBG, which are then refined into smooth, organic CBG oil. Then it’s packed into bottles and other containers that we make available to our customers.

As hemp plants mature, they produce cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), a “precursor” substance that can be converted into various cannabinoids such as THC, CBD, and CBG.

Why Should I Use CBG oil?

If you’re someone who regularly enjoys the benefits of CBD, we recommend give CBG a try. Sometimes, one of those days comes along where your regular dose of CBD oil just doesn’t cut it. When that happens, it’s a great idea to give CBG a try and see if there is a noticeably different effect.

How Do You Take CBG Oil?

CBG oil is versatile. You can heat it up with a vaporizer (such as a cartridge of oil that screws into a battery). Or, you can consume it as a sublingual tincture, under the tongue. People drink CBG oil, such as by having it in a cup of tea.

Where Can You Purchase CBG Oil?

Anyone who is wondering where to buy CBG oil can feel confident in the inventory of various CBG oil products we offer. The team here at Vermont Hempicurean is proud of the time, effort and knowledge of hemp that goes into our curating the best CBG oils for our loyal customers. When you buy CBG oil tinctures from Vermont Hempicurean, you can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality product. We choose to only work with the best local Vermont producers which allows us to have greater control over the quality of CBG oil we sell.

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Kristina Wolff

CBG Oil Tincture (7:1 CBG:CBD) - Elmore Mountain Therapeutics

Thank you Kristina. Elmore Mountain Therapeutics makes some great products, and this is certainly one of their best.

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