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CBD:CBG 40mg Pure Vermont Maple Gummies – Ropana Wellness


Named after our favorite little four legged lady, Maple! These CBD & CBG infused gummies are made with pure Vermont maple syrup, making them the perfect addition to your wellness routine. We use no artificial ingredients or refined sweeteners in our products at all only pure VT maple syrup, gelatin vitamin C powder and of course a hint of MCT coconut oil infused with pure CBD and CBG extracts. Maple syrup is not only a favorite in Vermont and New England, it is also high in trace minerals such as manganese and riboflavin. It is almost half of the glycemic index rating when compared to corn syrup which is traditionally used in making gummies. Our 1:1 ratio of CBD:CBG is the perfect blend of relaxation and relief in each bite!

Weight 6.3 oz

Calm, Focus, Pain Relief, Recover, Relax, Sleep