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Bravo Botanicals’ CBD Drops are crafted from Certified Organic hemp grown in Vermont. No-till farming methods promote healthy soil, resulting in robust plants that are rich in beneficial oils. Our CO2 extraction methods ensure a clean and pure Full Spectrum alcohol-free oil which contains the wide range of cannabinoids present in the hemp plant. Our carrier oil is MCT, derived from coconuts and shown to support brain health.

1 mL contains 40 mg CBD and less than 0.3% THC as dictated by federal standards and verified by third-party laboratory testing.

Natural Flavor.  Suitable for Pets.

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What Are CBD Drops?

CBD drops, also known as CBD tincture or CBD oil, are quickly becoming popular as a safe and powerful way to treat a range of common discomforts. Because CBD is gentle on the body and non-psychoactive, it is perfect for those looking to boost their baseline health and happiness. In drop form, CBD can be taken quickly and discreetly. Combine CBD drops with foods and drinks, or take them alone as a tincture. Bravo Botanicals CBD drops use a carrier oil for the CBD that makes their taste mild and supports rapid absorption. Read on to learn more:

When It Comes To CBD Tinctures, Make Sure You Do Your Research!

CBD tincture is referred to with many different names. Some say CBD oil, some say CBD drops, some say hemp oil herbal drops. They usually all mean the same thing, however be aware that sometimes “Hemp Oil” may refer to hemp seed oil, which is very different. These CBD drops from Bravo Botanicals, however, come in a 12.5ml bottle that contains 500mg of total CBD. You decide on your dosage by choosing how much of the tincture you actually want to ingest at a time. We suggest starting small to understand the effects it may have for you as an individual.

What Can I Used CBD Drops For?

Many people love adding CBD drops to their daily wellness routine in order to improve their day-to-day from a number of perspectives. To learn more about CBD drops from Bravo Botanicals and if they might be applicable to you on your wellness journey, contact us!

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