Aro-Med HeadAid – CBD Aromatics Energy Aid Relief Formula 50mg CBD (Copy)


EnergyAid can help with mid-afternoon fatigue when a nap isn’t accessible. AroMed’s therapeutic formula includes CBD extract and a combination of “cephalic” essential oils – plant oils that can increase oxygen levels when applied topically or inhaled.

Organic jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis), 50 mg Cannabis sativa CO2 extract, lime (Citrus aurantifolia), lemon (Citrus limone), eucalyptus globulus, grapefruit (Citrus paradisi), peppermint (Mentha x piperita).

Suggested Use:
Roll on in a circular motion to temples, side and back of neck, and apply a small amount directly under your nose. Inhale slowly and deeply after each application. Reapply throughout the day to increase energy levels. Do not use within 2 hours of bedtime.

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10ml 50mg CBD

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