45th Parallel – Honolulu Haze F2 Regular Seeds (11 pack)


We selected several outstanding phenotypes from the 2019 growing season for further research. These genetics contained individuals with stronger than average growth, fast finishing times, and superior CBD content. The male plant selected for this project was a prolific pollen producer, which is often equated with high yielding offspring. These seeds represent a year of careful selection and breeding to bring you a backcrossed version of our original Honolulu Haze. This F2 version has greater uniformity than the original, yet still contains diversity for those seeking to discover their own diamond in the rough phenotype for their personal breeding project.
Regular seed will grow both female AND male plants.
Flowering Time: 7-8 weeks
CBD content: 20%-25.9%, High terpene content
Delta 9 THC content: 0.0%
Lineage: HH7 x HH male


10 feminized seeds

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Weight 0.4 oz

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