Sunsoil (Formerly Green Mountain CBD)

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Sunsoil CBD Oil Drops & CBD Capsules

Sunsoil is a Vermont CBD brand that was formerly known as Green Mountain CBD. The hemp that they grow and the natural oils that they infuse their products with are all certified USDA organic. They grow all of their own hemp and do their own extraction right at their farm in Northern Vermont.

Sunsoil Has Their Own Proprietary Hemp Seeds

Since Sunsoil breeds their own genetics in-house and uses their own seeds, this allows them to have MUCH more control over the quality and efficacy of their CBD. This also allows them to breed and grow hemp plants that are naturally suited to their local Vermont environment and ecosystem. They’ve managed to produce hemp plants in VT that grow to over 8 feet high before they’re ready to be chopped!

All Sunsoil Hemp Starts In A Greenhouse

The team at Sunsoil plants their seeds early in the spring when it’s still way too cold in Vermont to be planting outside. These heated greenhouses give Sunsoil’s hemp crop an early jump start on the growing season, and it’s one of the reasons they are able to produce such large quanties and large size hemp plants.

Organic Farming Is The Core of Sunsoil’s Operations

Sunsoil’s mission is to provide high quality CBD products while leaving their farm land in better condition than previous land owners. They are fully organic, which means no pesticides, heavy metals, or herbicides used during ANY part of the growing process.

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