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Maple Plus CBD Infused Sugar For Sale

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Pure Vermont maple sugar combined with CBD? What more could you want? Maple Plus comprises a friendly team of Vermonters. They’ve been experimenting with the cannabis plant for decades, trying cannabis in it’s hundreds of forms and learning about it’s ability to provide relief and assist overall wellness.
Throughout this process, what they learned is that cannabis is at it’s best when kept simple. That’s what led them to Maple CBD sugar. The team at Maple Plus decided to concoct a combination of their two favorite things: cannabis and pure maple syrup!

Organic Maple Sugar Infused With CBD

Made with fully organic Vermont maple syrup as well as full spectrum hemp extract. The hemp plants used in the production of this CBD-infused maple sugar are also grown organically. You can purchase our regular sized CBD Infused Organic Maple Sugar which contains 40 grams of total sugar, infused with a total of 200mg CBD. Or, if you already know you’re going to love this maple sugar or if you’re coming back for seconds, check out the Bulk Maple CBD Sugar option.

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