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All of us at Vermont Pure CBD pride ourselves on using sustainable and natural methods to grow and transform hemp into healthy products. Through controlling the entire process and treating each step with love and care, we are able to ensure that we produce a superior end product compared to other brands on the market.

We are passionate about sustainability and wellness at every stage, from our fields and greenhouses to the creation of our products. We produce a full spectrum CBD oil using advanced alcohol extraction techniques. We grow all of our hemp on organic Vermont farmland. At Vermont Pure CBD we do everything we can to treat each employee, plant, piece of land, and final product with the care and respect that it deserves.

Every day we put our hearts into our entire operation—from crop production and harvesting to the packaging of the final products. We believe that our passion and care can be experienced in each and every bottle we make. Thank you for choosing Vermont Pure CBD as your trusted CBD supplier!

Enjoy your wellness!

Grant Jakubowski: My goal is to create the most healing for the greatest good. I believe that creating Vermont Pure CBD is the biggest way that I can impact the world in a positive way. We constantly hear how our products are helping to change the lives of people who are using them. I wake up everyday feeling like I am doing exactly what I was put here to do! I can honestly say I am living my dream and my highest calling!

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