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Northeast Kingdom Hemp

Having always been a farmer and a dreamer, Cam grew up on the land where he and Karen now live with their two sons, Camden and Joel. After milking cows on his family’s farm, while his father worked away on construction projects, Cam also spent years traveling to make a living. Eventually starting his own welding business, he traveled throughout New England working on construction, hydroelectric and snowmaking operations. Over the years, he made sure that his boys had every opportunity to enjoy Vermont living, even though that often meant he missed out on being home. Growing hemp has inspired a new dream, to not only make a living off of the land he loves, but also to help revitalize some of the farms of friends and neighbors.

Karen was born and raised in the Northeast Kingdom. She has been a teacher and reading specialist in the local public schools for nearly 30 years. Always the more practical one in the family, she often has attempted to keep Cam’s dreams from becoming larger than life! When he proposed the idea of growing hemp, she went into full research mode. The more she learned about the positive impacts that CBD products are having on people of all ages and with all different health issues, the more she supported Cam’s enthusiasm. The possibility of producing their own, all natural, high quality CBD products and trying to make them affordable for their family and friends motivated her to help make this a reality. Knowing that Cam only knows one way to do things, with 100% determination and drive, it is hard not to encourage his vision. Camden and Joel are used to finding themselves right at the heart of their father’s latest vision. Whether it’s raising chickens, building a rope tow for skiing the hill behind their house, designing his own snow making operation, or building a blacksmithing forge, all of dad’s dreams eventually lead to full participation by these two, ready or not! Starting Northeast Kingdom Hemp hasn’t been any different. From watering seedlings to planting, weeding, fertilizing, and harvesting, these two have learned right along with their parents that hemp farming, like any kind of farming, is a seven day a week commitment of hard work.

Now in their third year of operation, Northeast Kingdom Hemp has added supercritical CO2 extraction and the day to day business of formulating and marketing their products to the list of things they do. They have added two friends as full-time employees in addition to extra help as needed for marketing, sales, planting and harvesting. Living the hemp life has definitely taken on a life of its own, but the one thing that hasn’t changed is that they are all in it together!

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