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Hillside Botanicals

Hillside Botanicals is a diversified hemp and medicinal herb farm located in the rolling hills of Central Vermont.
Founded in 2018, our vision has been co-created through the interweaving experiences of our co-founders,
Sarah, Nathan, and Joe, who bring talents ranging from mechanical engineering and biochemistry to
permaculture design and herbalism. We’ve had the utmost joy and honor of restoring an old organic hillside
farm to productive landscape full of hemp, medicinal herbs, perennial fruit and nut species, and a rowdy flock
of ducks. In many ways we are called to this work as a call to action against the climate crisis. We recognize the
obvious intersections of environmental degradation and human dis-ease, yet firmly believe that we can achieve
collective well-being with intentional relationship to the Earth. That’s why we’ve chosen to only employ
regenerative and organic agriculture methods to cultivate our crops. With natural systems as our teachers, we
strive to cultivate high quality hemp and medicinal herbs in communion with robust soils, clean water, and
healthy plant and animal communities. Our mission is simple: to cultivate medicine for people and

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